At Plas-Spike Products, we have built our reputation over 30 years by sourcing and supplying our customers with the highest quality bedding components at market competitive prices.

Plas-Spike Products are your go-to bed leg, bedding accessory and castor wheels supplier.

Our success in the industry is built on a few key foundations. We have established a fast dispatch and delivery service across Australia and New Zealand, which means our customers can depend on timely and reliable product delivery. We continuously nourish our substantial product range, and stay attuned to international trends for all products, ensuring that we remain well-stocked and relevant to our customer’s needs, both now and into the future. These factors allow us to meet our customer’s requirements in an innovative, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Operating from our modern, large office/warehouse complex, Plas-Spike have resourced our facilities to meet high volume orders across our wide product range.

Simply stated, our philosophy at Plas-Spike is to earn and retain customers’ trust, to work closely with each customer, and to introduce product range innovation that works hand-in-glove with customers’ product innovation. Through this process we ensure each product meets, and where possible exceeds, the ISO 9000 International Standards Process.