quality_controlPlas-Spike Products has a 3-stage Quality Assurance Program to ensure every high quality bed accessory we sell is of the best standard and is fit for sale in the Australian market. This system passes the International Quality System Standard ISO9000.



In this stage, any material used for our products is tested before being used to compose our products. For example, the particular plastic that makes up 75% of our product range is tested for appearance and intensity.

  1. Appearance:All plastic granules are inspected and need to be well-proportioned in size while inner cutting side needs to be shiny and clean.
  2. Intensity:A test strip using the plastic is then made using high intensity machinery to ensure it can withstand production. Two test standards must be met:
    • Ductility Intensity Standard:
      45mpa and over (1kgf/m2 ≈ 0.1mpa)
    • Impact Intensity Standard:
      3.8kj/m2 and over (1kgf/cm2 ≈ 1kj/m2)

Should any material fail these tests, it will be returned to supplier.


In this stage we inspect the particular item during its production. Two tests are run:

  1. Appearance:Each piece produced is inspected to match a perfect sample. All components that make up any number of our products are individually inspected prior to assembly.
  2. Assembly:3 separate inspectors will spot-check each and every component once it is assembled to ensure it is visually perfect.

Should any product fail this test, it is sent to a recycling depot.


In any batch of products, Quality Control Inspectors will pick products at random and send them to be tested. There are 3 tests that each product must pass. In the example of castors, the 3 tests are as follows:

  1. Durability Test: The castor is put through a test cycle of 36,000 rotations on a hard and uneven surface.
  2. Impact Test:The castor is set up-side down and is fixed to a plate. A 3kg iron weight is then dropped from a height of 1 metre. Product must survive 20 drops to pass.
  3. Boxed Test:Each product is packed in only Grade A packaging. Boxes are filled to weight under 28kg and are dropped from a height of 3 metres. Should the box not withstand the impact, it will not be used.

Should any product or package fail any test, it will be sent to a recycling depot.

These tests and Quality Control measures ensure the high quality bed accessories supplied by Plas-Spike Products are fit for sale in the Australian market.